Don’t believe the lies!

Why is that we believe ugly lies about ourselves rather than the beautiful truths? I cringe when I hear some of the support groups start with “Hi, I’m Teri, and I’m a ______” It’s not about WHAT I am….but WHO I am…. Don’t let your issues (past or present) define you! “I am divorced.” Ok, not a lie…but it’s not my identity. I’ve been through … Continue reading Don’t believe the lies!

An open letter to my ex-husband

  Hey you… Don’t worry, this is not a re-hash about all the ugly stuff. We’ve been through all that with a fine tooth comb. This is about something I haven’t thanked you for. For a lesson I’ve learned along the way. For an eye opening epiphany. And for moments of reflection that brought me to my knees. Our relationship, the crazy, drama filled roller … Continue reading An open letter to my ex-husband

She Speaks…and she speaks…and He speaks through all of them!

I was blessed to be able to attend Proverbs 31 Ministry’s #SheSpeaks15 conference in Concord, NC recently.  I am still processing through so much of what I learned and exerienced. Imagine 800 women, all called to write, speak and lead, coming together to learn, to worship, to connect…and zero competition. Rarely have I seen such a spirit of encouragement and support.  This is God.  This is … Continue reading She Speaks…and she speaks…and He speaks through all of them!

Nominated for a Liebster award!

As I am preparing to go to my very first writer’s conference, I’ve been able to connect with some of the amazing women who will be attending with me.  I’ve already learned so much from them! One of those lovely ladies, Karen Sweeney-Ryall, has nominated me for the Liebster award for new blogs!  I am humbled.  Please visit her blog and show her some love at … Continue reading Nominated for a Liebster award!