Broken Chains

As I drove to work this morning, the radio was playing in the background, as it does every morning. Most mornings I sing along, but this morning my mind was somewhere else. (Probably on the traffic!)  However, as I passively listened, I heard some lyrics about broken chains. I can’t tell you for sure the song, but the voice of the Lord whispered clearly…Why do you pick up broken chains?

Why do I pick up broken chains?

The thought struck me.


Am I picking up broken chains?

Obviously so, or God wouldn’t have asked me such a question.

Then He continued…

You pick them up and carry them around. But the locks have been broken. They aren’t shackled to you, you’re just carrying them. Shake them off. You’re already free. 

If I am a born-again believer in Christ, which I am, then I’ve been made free by Christ Himself.

When I pick up old chains, that He has already broken, then I’m believing the lies of the enemy over the truth of His Word.


But, He says I’m free. Who am I to listen to anything telling me I’m not?

Perhaps I’m not alone in this?

Perhaps you’ve picked up some broken chains of your own, carrying them around, agreeing with the enemy instead of standing on the promise of God?

Chains of hurt and disappointment?

Chains of shame? Guilt? Condemnation?

Perhaps it’s an old habit? A mindset? An attitude? Anger? Bitterness?

There are so many things the enemy uses to bound us up.

Shake them off! 

You’ve been made free!

We need to learn to walk in our freedom! 

Sweet friend, if that’s a challenge for you, please join me at His feet to repent and ask for the wisdom and willingness to walk it out.

He is a willing partner for the journey. 💝

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