Strange Connections…

Once again, my blog has been quiet.

In part because I don’t want my own clanging voice added to the noise of the day.

Perhaps in part because I’m not sure I’m hearing anything God wants me to speak.

And perhaps because I haven’t wanted to share what I think He might be asking me to speak.

Once again, the fear of man could very well keep me from sharing what He puts on my heart to share.

But today, I broke loose a little bit–and passionately shared some thoughts on hypocrisy with some of my co-workers during our at-work, lunchtime Bible study. (So glad they still love me!)

It seems to have unlocked something inside me and this is what’s flowing out of me tonight….

I want to share something about this election. ::::Groan::::

Trust me, I know. I get it. Enough is enough.

And yet….

I feel the need to share something about my choice in the voting booth on Tuesday.

Remember when these sorts of things weren’t shared? Remember when it was considered in bad taste to ask others who they were voting for? And gosh, we never would have asked why….

Those days are gone.

So, let me preface this by saying that this was the HARDEST vote I’ve ever had to cast.

It was the last bubble I filled out on my ballot. And I stood there, feeling quite uneasy about what I was about to do.

In case you didn’t know:

I am not a Republican.

I am not a Democrat.

If you were to ask me what is the one issue in politics that I am most passionate about, I’d probably say social justice. So, what I’m about to share might seem somewhat….strange.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a racist. I could list a bunch of examples to back that up, but I don’t feel it necessary. Being a racist is not something I’ve ever been accused of.

Sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment—-all vile to me.

Moral character, integrity—up high on my priority list.

Yet, despite the stereotypes, on Tuesday, because I live in Florida, one of the battleground states, I took a deep breath, whispered to the Lord: ‘this is for life, and life only, please forgive me if I am wrong’ and I colored in the little bubble next to Donald Trump’s name.

How on earth does that happen? I wondered myself as I wrestled with it even after months of adamantly assuring myself and others–No. Freaking. Way. Third party, baby….


But it came down to one issue.


Our current political structure makes it very difficult to reconcile believing very strongly in something, like social justice, which is considered ‘liberal’, while also believing very strongly in something which considered ‘conservative.’

Thankfully, I’m not constrained by that structure or system.

And really, they are inter-dependent. Allow me to explain my thought process…

Just this past weekend, I sat with some family members and commented that another family member had blocked me on Facebook. Apparently, she was deeply offended by something I posted. My sister asked what was it that I posted. My brother asked if it was something religious.  At the moment, I couldn’t remember exactly what it was.  But as I thought about it, I remembered. I had posted a meme that said something like: ‘If death is determined by a heart that stops beating, why isn’t life determined by a heart that starts beating?’

I prefaced the meme with: No judgment, just something to consider.

This family member left an angry comment but then blocked me so I couldn’t respond or reach out to her to try to understand why it hurt and angered her so.

I do understand it’s a sensitive topic.

I know the arguments in favor of pro-choice.

I used to believe them myself—what about rape? Incest? The life of the mother?

I get all that, honestly, I do.

But I’ve also carried three lives inside my own body. Little, vulnerable lives completely dependent on me for their own well-being….their very lives.

Contrary to what some would have us believe, they were not part of my own body.  They only lived there for some months.

Please don’t throw stones.

Please continue to read.

NO judgment here.

If you have had an abortion….there is no judgment–that is not what this is about.

Our culture has LIED to us about abortion.

And we have, in large part, believed the lies.

But here’s the truth:

We have sacrificed innocent, vulnerable little lives on the altar of convenience.

And until we begin to respect and protect the lives of THE most vulnerable among us, we cannot expect to respect and protect any other vulnerable lives.

But maybe, just maybe, if we begin by respecting and protecting the lives of the unborn…

Maybe then we can learn to respect and protect the lives of children and families living in poverty…

Maybe then the lives of girls and boys, young women and men bought and sold in the sex trafficking trade….

Maybe even the lives of young black men and women trapped in a systematically racist environment…

Maybe even the lives of immigrants and refugees coming to America to find safety and hope for a better life…

Maybe even the lives of men and women in law enforcement and our veterans…

Maybe even the lives addicts, the mentally ill, the homeless, the prisoners….

If we don’t stop believing that those vulnerable little lives aren’t worth protecting,

I’m afraid we won’t ever believe that ANY lives really matter. 

Edit: I was wrong. If I could go back to that day, I’d bubble in for the third party candidate. The current situation wouldn’t be changed, but at least my conscience would be clear. The level of circus like insanity since the election is overwhelmingly heartbreaking.

Yes, life is still what matters most.

But legislation isn’t going to change hearts. And I’m sorry that I temporarily believed that was a possibility.

I was wrong. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.


4 thoughts on “Strange Connections…

    1. When I tune out the noise of the world and the fears of being vulnerable, He gives me the right words at the right time. Thank you so much for always taking time to read what I write and encouraging me through the journey 💝💝


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