This year…Truth

For the past few years, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of this One Word movement. Instead of making resolutions that, let’s be honest, don’t usually make it to the end of January, the One Word concept is to pick one word to focus on over the new year. As you focus on that word, you gain a better, deeper understanding of it and its application for your life.

Each year, I pray and ask God to help me choose a word. As I prayed and contemplated over my word for this year, I had it narrowed down to four: Trust, Truth, Be and Pray. All good words. All necessary to dig in to. Finally, though, I decided on Truth.

I chose Truth because without it, I can’t be or trust or pray or do or anything right.

I wrestled with it a bit at first because two years ago my word was authentic and they are similar words.

But truth goes deeper than authentic, I think. One can be authentic without having a deep root of truth. And truth will bring a deeper level of authenticity. Or at least that’s what I think going into this. Part of the journey will be figuring that out.

Don’t misunderstand; I have a level of truth in my heart and my head.

But I want more.

I want to dive in deep and dispel any and all lies that may still linger in the corners and crevices of my mind, my will and my emotions.

I want to KNOW His truth.

Deep down in my soul.

In every fiber of my being.

I want it so entrenched in me that I have no choice but to believe only truth.

To speak truth, hear truth, live truth.

Truth about Him.

Truth about me.

Truth about others.

Truth about justice.

Truth about giving.

Truth about mercy.

Truth about compassion.

Truth about health.

Truth about love.

Truth about life.

Truth about what, where, when and how to do every little thing.

I believe along with truth will come discernment, peace, joy, love and justice, boldness and mercy.

I’m tired of lies sneaking in and robbing me.

I’m tired of doubt and fear creeping up and tripping me up.

I’m tired of half-truths.

I want the truth.

The whole truth.

And nothing but the truth.

The good. The bad. And the ugly.

Some of it will sting, and some of it will pierce, no doubt. But only truth will make me free.

And I like freedom! 🙂



How about you? What is your #oneword for 2016? And why?

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