I’ve not posted anything recently.  I’d call it writer’s block, but the truth is it’s more like rebellion. I don’t want to put into words what’s swarming around in my head.

I wasn’t planning on this being my ‘Happy New Year’ post…those messages are usually all warm and fuzzy.

This, probably not so much.

But, it’s what’s on my heart and try as I might, it’s the only thing flowing out of me today….

I hope that if you are part of the Church, you will continue to read.

Consider. Pray. And take action as the Lord leads.

The headlines of the day are heavy.

We (people) don’t like heavy.

We want easy.

We like comfort.

It’s the American way, isn’t it?

We live in a culture that worships comfort. We crave it. We think we need it.

We demand it. And when it seems elusive, we chase it at all cost.

At all cost.

To our own detriment.

And to the detriment of others.

We concern ourselves with inconsequential things, making them into big things because the real big things make us so incredibly uncomfortable.

So, in order to diffuse the heaviness and lighten the burden, we play the blame game.

It’s the Liberal’s fault…the Republican’s fault….

It’s the Muslim’s fault…the unbeliever’s fault…

It’s the poor’s fault…the rich’s fault…..

It’s the black’s fault…the white’s fault….

It’s the school’s fault…the parent’s fault….

The list goes on and on…

It has to be anyone else’s fault because it can’t fall on me…not on my group of peeps…

That’s too heavy of a load, because if it’s ‘our’ fault then I have to carry my share of that load, no?

So, the question I can’t seem to escape is….when will we, the Church, be ready to admit that maybe, just maybe, we need to carry our share of the blame for….for whatever it is that we are so upset about?

Let’s try this: We have the answer.

No matter what the issue, we have the answer.

We have God–the ultimate and true reconciler and mediator.

But until we, the Church, put down the weapons of the world, the weapons of the flesh, and come together as one—we will continue to reap more discord.

Jesus prayed we would be One. Perfected in unity. So that the world would know that they are loved. (John 17….it’s a beautiful prayer, take time to read it) There is a divine purpose for our unity.

Sad thing is, some of the very ‘sinners’ we condemn (which isn’t our job, by the way) are being more Christ-like than we are. We are supposed to have something they should desire….what are we offering them?

A house divided can not stand.


Not my words. Jesus said it. (Mark 3:25….it’s in red, I promise.)

If we can’t do this, we will fall.

Let’s throw down our pride.

Let’s let go of our anger.

Let’s put to rest our self-righteousness.

Let’s not chase after worldly power.

Let’s forget about the perceived need to be right.

Let’s repent.

Let’s pick up His armor.

Let’s find some humility.

Let’s work for justice.

Let’s hush so we can hear each other.

Better yet, let’s hush so we can hear Him.

Let’s find the Truth.

And let’s live it.


It’s our only hope.

There is a lost and dying world out there counting on us to get this right!

Let’s not let them down.


Blessings to you. I pray your new year is filled with truth, hope, grace and love! ❤

8 thoughts on “Let’s….

  1. I love that you kept it “real.” I love this blog.
    It’s, in some ways, unfortunate to be the truth.
    In others, it is the best growth opportunity available.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I appreciate you reading it and taking the time to comment!
      Yes, the unfortunate truth is always an opportunity for growth and change. Thankful for that, we never have to get stuck!


  2. Wise and timely words. Let those that have ears to hear – hear what the spirit of the Lord has said. Never be afraid to share what God has put in your heart. It is His words given through His chosen vessel. Just so you know you can feel your love for the body of Christ coming through these words. Keep listening and keep writing what the spirit says.

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  3. Well written! We as the church tend to blame the world for all our problems. But the truth is that we are so much like the world that we have almost no influence. God is not pleased with the state of today’s church, and repentance is the answer.

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