Don’t believe the lies!

Why is that we believe ugly lies about ourselves rather than the beautiful truths?

I cringe when I hear some of the support groups start with “Hi, I’m Teri, and I’m a ______”

It’s not about WHAT I am….but WHO I am….

Don’t let your issues (past or present) define you!

“I am divorced.” Ok, not a lie…but it’s not my identity. I’ve been through a divorce. (In my case, two…it is what it is…stories for another day!)

“I am a victim.” No….I am victorious! I’ve been through some hard things. Some have been the consequences of my own choices; some have been things others have done against me. But none of it defines me.

Don’t keep feeding the lies! You are not your behavior, your situation or your circumstances.

I am insecure.

I am a procrastinator.

I am defeated.

I am Italian and Irish….the hot temper is in my blood.

I can’t help the way I am.

That’s just the way I am.

I am stupid…



A bad mom…

A bad friend…


Take hold of those lies and throw them out….one by one. Stomp on them and take a good look at the truth that has been hidden under them all along…

Insecure?   Ask yourself why. What happened along the way of your journey that made you believe that you are less than you think you should be? Was it a specific event, or a combination of things?

For me, I was the kid who never quite fit in.

Always the last one picked for teams in gym class (not an athletic bone in my body!)

The kid with the glasses, a patch over one eye (four-eyed pirate was one of the kinder names I was called.)

While the other kids would love to run and play, I was much happier reading a book or getting lost in daydreams.

I had a classmate invite me to come to her house after school but I had to walk a different route to her house, alone, so that no one would see us leaving school together.

Not too difficult to figure out where my insecurity stemmed from.

And it only grew with time.

But there came a point when I had to decide if I was going to live out my life being afraid of what other people thought of me, or finally just accept that I am who I am….and like her.

So what if I’m not athletic? Words are my thing. I love reading, writing, questioning, learning. Those are skills I can’t get too old for. Things I can still enjoy when my body creaks and cracks with my every move.

Glasses? Whatever, who cares? I am thankful to see. And these days, people wear glasses with no prescription lens in them as a fashion statement….to look intelligent. That makes me chuckle.

Today, I wouldn’t sneak around just to have a friend. I have learned to enjoy my own company. And bonus, I actually have friends who don’t shudder at the thought of being seen in public with me….imagine that! 😉

There are still moments that I struggle with feelings of insecurity, and I can usually recognize them when I attempt to defend myself…if to no one other than myself…and I stop myself and ask why? Then I take my answer and turn it around.

God accepts me just the way I am….if others don’t, that’s ok….but it’s not ok when I don’t. Do I know better than God? (Hint: No.)

I could go down the list above the same way.

OK, I have gone down the list above the same way. It’s my list, or a portion of it.

Lies I’ve believed at some point in my life.

Lies I’ve been working on dismantling and pulling out at the roots and replacing with Truths that can grow in their place.

Can you change the way you see yourself?


If you look through new eyes.

Look through His eyes. His eyes see Truth—they see you as He created you, with love and care.

You are precious in His sight!

Hi, I’m Teri and I’m a beloved child of God, beautiful and precious in the eyes of my Maker.

Who are you?

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