She Speaks…and she speaks…and He speaks through all of them!

I was blessed to be able to attend Proverbs 31 Ministry’s #SheSpeaks15 conference in Concord, NC recently.  I am still processing through so much of what I learned and exerienced.

Imagine 800 women, all called to write, speak and lead, coming together to learn, to worship, to connect…and zero competition.

Rarely have I seen such a spirit of encouragement and support.  This is God.  This is the Body of Christ working as intended.

It started Wednesday evening, the night before the pre-conference, a group of nine women met at a local Ruby Tuesdays for dinner.  We had no idea the connections that would be made in just a few hours.

The suggestion was made: Let’s go around the table and tell each other our stories, what brought each of us here……..

Nerves began to shake inside me.  Am I ready to share my story with these women whom I literally just met…how much of my story?  Will they still smile at me afterwards?

By the time it was my turn, my nerves were calm…the stories that had been shared were raw, transparent, and absolutely beautiful.  God is a master at taking broken, hard, seemingly impossible situations and circumstances and making something amazing…..and His handiwork was evident in each woman at that table.

Heart, soul and spirit connections were made over those tables pushed together in that restaurant that evening.  Through laughter, tears and shared stories, friendships were solidified almost as quickly as the initial introductions.

And the conference hadn’t even started yet!

The next three days were a whirlwind of information, instruction and encouragement.

Some practical.

Some spiritual.

All helpful and thought provoking.

Eight hundred women gathered, seven hundred more disappointedly on a waiting list.  And room for each and every one of them in the work of His Kingdom.

This was one of my favorite takeaways from this time: each of us has a unique story, and a unique voice…and God can and will use each and every one.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”  -Matthew 9:37

Each willing heart has a place.

Those unwilling have a place as well; they only need to become willing!

To not write, when I have been called to write, is disobedience.” –Glynnis Whitwer @ She Speaks

He is looking for willing, obedient abandonment of fear, insecurity, excuses….

I’m done being afraid to tell my story, and I will no longer silence the voice He has given me!

What will it take for you to abandon fear and pursue with a willing heart of obedience, whatever it is He is calling you to do?

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