Nominated for a Liebster award!

As I am preparing to go to my very first writer’s conference, I’ve been able to connect with some of the amazing women who will be attending with me.  I’ve already learned so much from them!

One of those lovely ladies, Karen Sweeney-Ryall, has nominated me for the Liebster award for new blogs!  I am humbled.  Please visit her blog and show her some love at

Part of this process includes me answering 11 questions that Karen has asked.  So, here are her questions….and my answers.

1. What is the burning passion in your heart?

I long to be His light, His love, His mercy, His compassion, His truth to lost and broken people. 

2. What are your hobbies and interests that bring refreshment and joy to your soul?

I’ve always loved to read…so I read…and read…and read some more. 

Walking on the beach (and I’m blessed to live in a coastal beach town, so I can do this regularly!)

I can get lost in antique stores…for hours.  I’ve recently painted a yard-sale dresser turning it into a shabby chic tv stand…I have another project in the works, a great little antique table that needs some love (scored for only $10!).  This very well may turn into a new hobby!

3. Where is your favorite spot to sit and fellowship with God?   How do you set an atmosphere?

My favorite spot is the beach.  I like to walk along a quiet stretch of beach or sit on a bench at a beach access point, overlooking the water, especially at night while the moon is reflecting on the ocean’s surface. Being at the ocean reminds me how small I am and how amazing He is…how can you not just listen to whatever He wants to say to you in that moment? 

4. Describe your 3 best qualities

Why is this always such a hard question for most of us?  We need to learn to see ourselves through His eyes <—preaching to myself there!

OK…3 best qualities…..I am compassionate and forgiving, encouraging and somewhat witty.

That’s 4…I did better than I thought I could!  🙂

5. Who is your favorite author?

Francis Chan….he challenges me to think deep thoughts and to ask hard questions. 

Jen Hatmaker too…she is also a deep thinker, with a side of semi-sarcastic humor that keeps me balanced when I overthink.

6. What is your favorite quote?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about learning to dance in the rain….

Storms are going to come and go…it’s just part of life.  If we’re always waiting on something, we end up missing everything.

Anyway, dancing in the rain is so liberating!

7. How do you like to start off your day?

I LIKE to start off my day by turning off my alarm clock, rolling over and going back to sleep…..

I am so not a morning person….it really takes everything I have to get up and get going….

That is the sad reality.

8. Please share a little about your family or favorite significant people in your life?

I have 2 grown sons, both who live in far away places…ok, far away from me anyway.  I’m in Florida, one is in Virginia, the other in Colorado (far!) The ‘baby’ is my daughter, who is probably pretty close to being out on her own too, however she plans to stay close to home.  I also have 3 gorgeous grandbabies.  Blessed.

9. Who has been your greatest role model?

My Nana showed unconditional love and she was never too busy to answer questions or teach me all of her little crafty ways (I didn’t become crafty like her, wasn’t nearly as talented, but she still took the time to show me how) 

10. What are your favorite foods?

Mexican.  I could eat it every day.  Well, and maybe an occasional slice of REAL NY pizza. 

11. What are 3 goals you have this month?

This month I have a goal to get to the She Speaks Conference and take in all that my brain can absorb.

I will start eating healthy (again)….not a diet, just eat better.  Mexican is allowed, btw…maybe just not every day…

I will write and post on my blog more consistently.

Thanks again Karen! 🙂

Now it will be my turn to nominate some fellow newbie bloggers!

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