Up where we belong

Have you ever been mountain climbing??

No? Neither have I, but it’s an analogy, so please stay with me….

All the pictures I’ve seen of people on the top of a mountain have been on a spot that is relatively small.

Not a lot of room for error.

One wrong step could have you plummeting downward…

If there is a lake, or a river, or an ocean below—without intervention, you could be hurled into the depths before you even realize what has happened.

So what is it about that small, dangerous spot at the top that calls people up there?

The view is amazing….the sense of accomplishment….destiny.

The trek up, however, can be brutal.  There are obstacles in the way, elements to endure, tired, weary feet and hearts….

Yet, committed people fight their way through…and up.

But not everyone makes it.

Sometimes those ‘safe’ summits along the way are just good enough.

You know what I mean, we reach a point where there is some flat land to rest on.

How many of us have contented ourselves right there….we’ve reached a point, after a difficult climb, that seems good enough.

We think, or convince ourselves…this is it.  This is where I belong.  Hey, it’s better than where I was in the valley.  It’s good, it’s really good…enough.

Or, at least it’s as far as we’re willing to go.

We look up and the rest of the way to the top seems, well…hard.  As hard, if not harder than this leg of the journey that we’ve just completed.

You don’t want to go back down to where you started, but you don’t have the strength to push yourself up to the next level.

And, in reality, that safe summit might just be where you need to hang out for a time….but are you content to stay after that season is past?

There may come a time when that place is no longer a place of satisfaction…

What do you do when that higher level calls out to you?

When something inside you bids you to begin climbing again?

To make it to the mountaintop.

Promises of freedom and adventure, excitement and peace…

You felt that way when you reached that first summit…do you remember?

Be careful….complacency is not our calling.

When the call to go higher grabs your attention and you can no longer quiet it…go!

And when you make it, take it all in…breathe deep and enjoy the view.

Just remember….be careful up there.  It’s a narrow space, a narrow way.

And there are only two ways off that cliff….back down the way you came up….or fly.

Oh, you can’t fly?

Be still. Pray.  Wait.

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles….

Sounds like flying to me…..

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