Dig Deep


“The hardest person to be honest with is you.”


I think part of the reason is that if we get honest with ourselves, we know we will need to be honest with everyone else about ourselves.

And that can feel too exposed.

Naked. Intimate.

We don’t like that much exposure.

It boils down to we are just really quite shallow in our human nature.

That’s not meant to be offensive…it’s just that it’s comfortable in the shallow end.

And we like comfortable.

Go too deep and we start to experience deeper everything…

Deeper hurt.

Deeper pain.

Deeper sorrow.

Deeper fears.

Deeper regrets.

If we expose those things, we have to deal with them. Dealing with them will probably entail more of the same as we dig…..do we really want to go there?  Can’t we just keep them buried?

Isn’t it easier that way?

Well, it’s more comfortable anyway….

The funny thing is, even the good stuff can be uncomfortable when we go deep.

Deeper joy….deeper peace….deeper love.

Those call us to a place where there is an uncomfortable unfamiliarity…

Shallow is safe.

Shallow is benign.

Shallow is comfortable.

But there is more.   So much more.

A vast, deep expanse in our own hearts and minds.

And once those depths are explored, there is still more.

There is always more.

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