One year. My blog has been up for one year today. It’s been an interesting journey so far….putting feet and wings to the dream of a little girl who wanted to write. It’s not a hugely popular blog.  People aren’t flocking to it daily. But it has been immensely helpful for me to put aside some fear and boldly put out there words that reflect … Continue reading Unashamed


I’ve not posted anything recently.  I’d call it writer’s block, but the truth is it’s more like rebellion. I don’t want to put into words what’s swarming around in my head. I wasn’t planning on this being my ‘Happy New Year’ post…those messages are usually all warm and fuzzy. This, probably not so much. But, it’s what’s on my heart and try as I might, it’s … Continue reading Let’s….

Don’t believe the lies!

Why is that we believe ugly lies about ourselves rather than the beautiful truths? I cringe when I hear some of the support groups start with “Hi, I’m Teri, and I’m a ______” It’s not about WHAT I am….but WHO I am…. Don’t let your issues (past or present) define you! “I am divorced.” Ok, not a lie…but it’s not my identity. I’ve been through … Continue reading Don’t believe the lies!